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By J. A. Tossell (auth.), Frank J. Berry, David J. Vaughan (eds.)

In contemporary years mineralogy has constructed even better hyperlinks with solid-state chemistry and physics and those advancements were followed via a pattern in the direction of extra quantification within the theoretical in addition to the experimental points of the topic. the significance of solid-state chemistry to mineralogy used to be mirrored in a symposium held on the 1982 Annual Congress of The Royal Society of Chemistry at which the unique types of many of the contributions to this publication have been awarded. The assembly introduced jointly chemists, geologists and mineralogists all of whom have been drawn to the applying of contemporary spectroscopic ideas to the research of bonding in minerals. The interdisci­ plinary nature of the symposium enabled a worthwhile trade of knowledge from many of the fields and it used to be felt publication providing studies of the major parts of the topic will be an invaluable addition to either the chemical and mineralogical literature. the sphere of analysis that is generally termed the 'physics and chemistry of minerals' has itself constructed very speedily over fresh years. Such swift improvement has ended in many chemists, geologists, geochemists and mineralogists being much less standard than they may want with the innovations presently on hand. critical to this box is an realizing of chemical bonding or 'electronic constitution' in minerals which has been constructed either theoretically and by means of spectroscopic techniques.

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The aluminiums are octahedrally surrounded by six oxygens, four of type (i) and two of type (ii). The aluminium Kf3 spectrum will, therefore, reflect the interactions of A13p orbitals with oxygen orbitals from both species to generate a broad peak . Structurally, diaspore is simpler in that all the oxygen atoms are similar, each one being coordinated to three aluminium atoms and to one hydrogen (for half the oxygens this will be a direct bond to hydrogen to form hydroxyl, for the other half of the oxygens it will be a hydrogen bond to the hydrogen of a nearby hydroxyl group).

Group. g. P 4) are most stable as tetrahedra (Fig. 19) since the antibonding ltl and 3e orbitals are empty. g. g. a planar geometry) and has all the O"-antibonding orbitals (2a 2g and above) unoccupied. Such a structure may be seen as derived from the tetrahedral one (with six nearest-neighbour bonds) by the breaking of two bonds. There are also a number of other stable polymeric species based on the As -1 ion which is valence isoelectronic with S (which also has many polymorphs). Our previous reinterpretation 64 of the anions in FeAs 2 as As~­ groups suggests interactions between adjacent As~ - groups, essentially an incipient formation of As!

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