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By Dave Lee

'Once one is reasonably powerfuble at sensible sorcery, there's little of significance that is still to be stated or learn in regards to the topic; the magician at this aspect has a tendency to stress internal improvement in his paintings. it sort of feels to me that Chaos Magic itself has reached this element; the fundamental rules wanted for somebody to build his or her personal approach of sorcery and to hone their talents are already coated by way of the on hand books. What has been missing to date, is a Chaos magical strategy to the research of the ecstatic states that underlie magical gnosis. This publication, instead of attempting to offer one more just a little varied flavour of Chaos strategy, takes as its start line the connection among ecstasy and magic; among Chaos Magic and Chaos Mysticism, in case you like.' from web page eight "Chaotopia! is neither Utopia nor its contrary. it's what Austin Osman Spare referred to as 'the chaos of the normal', noticeable via an illuminated eye, the attention of the sorcerer." Chaotopia! contains updates and reviews of strategies in Chaos Magick and an exploration of ecstatic states in relation to either magick and mysticism. additionally chapters on: Wealth Magick/Conflict and Exorcism/Sex Magick/Body Alchemy and Healing/Magick and Physics/Chaos Illumination/Spirits/Aeonics 'A extremely smart publication through a number one Chaos Magician as a way to expand and deepen Chaoist debate, concept and practice.' Peter J. Carroll

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An arrangement of flags on a ship’s mast is put there intentionally and anyone who understands the code can tell what it means. But a person who knows the code would also be able to pick out a message from a casual arrangement of flags used to decorate a party or a petrol station. Communication can be a one way business. Dealing with the environment is an example of one way communication. One picks out messages from the environment even though no one has deliberately put them there. If you offer a random arrangement of lines to a group of people they will soon start to pick out significant patterns.

So one welcomes outside influences for their provocative action. The more irrelevant such influences are the more chance there is of altering the established pattern. To look only for things that are relevant means perpetuating the current pattern. With vertical thinking categories, classifications and labels are fixed, with lateral thinking they are not With vertical thinking categories, classifications and labels are useful only if they are consistent, for vertical thinking depends on identifying something as a member of some class or excluding it from that class.

Lateral thinking is concerned with restructuring such patterns (insight) and provoking new ones (creativity). Lateral and vertical thinking are complementary. Skill in both is necessary. Yet the emphasis in education has always been exclusively on vertical thinking. The need for lateral thinking arises from the limitations of the behaviour of mind as a self-maximizing memory system. Use of this book This book is not intended to introduce a new subject nor is it intended to acquaint the reader with what is happening in a certain field.

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