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This thinking leads to the idea of microtruss lattice structures. To understand these we need Maxwell’s stability criterion, a deceptively simple yet profoundly fundamental rule [20]. , one that is hinged at its joints) made up of b struts and j frictionless joints, like those in Fig. , it is rigid and does not fold up when loaded) in two dimensions, is: M = b – 2j + 3 = 0. 1 Cellular Solids – Scaling of Properties Fig. 9 The pin-jointed frame in a) folds up when loaded – it is a mechanism. If its joints are welded together the struts bend (as in Fig.

6. The structure of the reticulated ceramic consisted of rounded polyhedra with a nominal diameter P, connected by openings or windows with diameter u. The total porosity of the reticulated body was designated f, the total internal cell surface area per unit volume Sv and the distance between two pore centers S. The structure revealed anisotropy; in the plane of the filter plate the pores were spherical, whereas in the perpendicular direction the pores were both larger and elongated. With respect to the permeability of the ceramics, as expected the most important features were the pore size P, and window size u.

The surface is represented as a collection of triangular tiles. The complicated topologies found in foams are routinely handled. In particular, Surface Evolver can deal with the topological changes encountered during foam coarsening and quasistatic flow. It provides interactive 3D graphics and an extensive command language. edu/brakke/evolver/ and is regularly updated. With the help of this software, realistic structures representing foams in equilibrium can be created and used for a variety of purposes in the physics of both liquid foams and their solidified counterparts.

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