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By Shirley Rousseau Murphy

"Wilma's at risk! you're thinking that i will sit down the following sprucing my claws?" while she first hears the inside track that convict Cage Jones has escaped from legal, Dulcie's fur stands on finish. She understands he is after her human spouse, Wilma, whom he blames for his stint in penitentiary. She attempts to enlist assistance from her buddy Joe gray, however the tomcat's obtained his paws complete investigating neighborhood murders. it is only whilst Wilma disappears after a day buying trip—and Cage is located lurking at her house—that Joe realizes the 2 crimes can be extra attached than he proposal. Paw in hand with the unsuspecting police officers, the wonderful tom cats needs to untangle Cage's devilish schedule and snare a killer in the event that they ever are looking to curl up with their pal back and convey peace to their beach village.

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Cat Pay the Devil 51 “You didn’t describe the men,” Kit hissed. “Tell her—” Moments later, a second squad car halted at the curb, and Max Harper swung out as four uniforms took off running, to surround the house. A key clicked in the front door; the door banged open so fast, the cats only had time to back against the shutters. Chief Harper and two uniforms moved fast, toward the bedroom. The instant they were past, the cats streaked through to the laundry and bolted out Dulcie’s cat door; they just missed being trampled as the two other cops moved quickly up the steps, their hands on their weapons.

It wasn’t Wilma, couldn’t be Wilma. But then when she scanned down the first column, again her heart pounded with hurt and rage. The lead article might ordinarily have been of interest only to San Francisco readers, for the shooting had occurred in the city where the victim worked—but it was in the Gazette because he was well known in Molena Point as well. Mandell Bennett was in intensive care in San Francisco General Hospital. He had been found early this afternoon by a coworker, in the underground parking garage of his San Francisco office, lying beside his car.

The tomcat reared up, staring away over the rooftops in the direction of Molena Point PD. “Maybe something more has come in, a fax or an e-mail. Maybe Dallas has something more. ” He looked hard at Dulcie. ” Dulcie turned her back on him. “You go,” she said shortly. ” he said, frowning so hard the white strip down his forehead was a narrow line. “She’ll be home soon, tired, will probably stop at Jolly’s Deli to pick up supper for the two of you. ” Dulcie sighed. She wanted badly to tell him about Mandell; she longed for Joe’s help, but he was too preoccupied.

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