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By Robert Edmond Alter

A masterpiece of lurid threat from the underbelly of the South.On his first day operating for Cochrane's carny, Thaxton chanced on that his new boss was once married to his ex-wife.  On the second one day he stumbled on his boss's body--with one in every of May's throwing knives planted firmly in its chest.With its impeccably rendered carnival atmosphere and its deliriously crooked array of spielers, luck-boys, and dancing women with indecent hips and sub-zero hearts, Carny Kill is crime fiction at its such a lot devious and stinky.

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Hell, I don't know. I just started here, remember? "Come off it, Thax. I know about you and May. " I looked over at Bill Duff. He was up on his bally spieling. " Gabby shrugged. " "You didn't have to. Well, it doesn't matter. Let's back up a couple of sentences. So you know me and May. " "So I know what everybody else around here knows. She was a knife-thrower when she first came to this lot. Before she put the hooks in Rob and became Mrs. " I was surprised when he said that much. As a rule carny people never show any interest in a crime that happens in their backyard.

For a moment I felt an old familiar unease, and I wondered if he had heard about me. Then I figured probably not--otherwise he would want to kick it around before he hired me. There were some outfits up north that wouldn't touch me with an elephant gaff. "Sure," I said. " I meant it. I liked him. Then he named a price and I didn't think much of it and I gave one with a better name, which he countered, and I countered it, and we settled somewhere in between, and then he gave me a card that said I was employed by the Cochrane Enterprises.

There really hadn't been any great passion behind her wet kiss. It was habit with her. You don't melt an iceberg with a blowtorch because there just isn't that much juice in a blowtorch. " I started for the door. " That's all she said. Just yes. 3 The big luckboy with the lawyerlike aspect was hovering near the front of the Queen Anne Cottage, like a shark finning around a ship to pick up its garbage. He was looking for another likely group of marks. I went over and buttonholed him. He was my big and looked handy, so I didn't mind pasting him if I had to.

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