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By Cassandra Eason

Use the traditional strength of candles to hold out rituals, cheer festivities, rejoice rites of passage, and lots more and plenty extra. start the candle attraction by means of matching the colour to the paintings you need to do; hyperlink candles to astrology; bear in mind earlier lives; practice therapeutic ceremonies; and conquer fears. fragrance the air with scented candles--each aroma has a distinct value. Inscribe a candle together with your inner most needs. beautiful images and directions for rituals will consultant you in this undying direction

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She came into my life and brought with Her purpose, direction, and meaning. You’d think that would make it easy to write about Her, but it doesn’t. I can find no words that will do Her justice, no dictionary or thesaurus contains them. I will never feel I have succeeded in showing you Her Beauty, Her Magnificence, Her Power, Her Splendor, Her Love. 38 Gods and Goddesses of Egypt Who is She? Mother, Worker of Magic, Creatrix, Queen, and Sister. She is usually portrayed in one of three forms: wearing the Solar Crown, the throne that is Her name, or Her winged form.

Several nights later I did the dedication and while we were meditating I looked up and there was Isis walking in through the door with two suitcases. ” This Lady has so many facets. She performed the greatest act of magic: She gave new life to her murdered husband, at the same time conceiving their son, Heru. There are many paintings of Aset hovering over Her Love’s body, fanning the breath of life into Him with the wings of a bird. Some writers call this bird a swallow, some, a kite. I suggest another possibility, the African swallow-tailed kite, a relative of the hawk.

You are a predator. Many of the world’s most magnificent animals are predators. One of the reasons I feed the various sparrows and finches that live in my area is the hope that they’ll provide food for the hawks and owls. If you don’t like that, I’m sorry. If you’ve ever communed with a hawk, I don’t think you’d care what they eat. Heru is the God who is most easily reached because He symbolizes the deity within. As the child of the God and Goddess, He represents each of us. If you ever have trouble contacting any deity, start with Heru, become the hawk, and soar to the heavens.

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