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By William Thomas, Kate Pavitt

1922. moment and revised variation whole with ten plates. Partial Contents: Psychic and Magnetic impact of Talismans and gemstones; Talismans of Primitive Races; Tau go; Talisman for knowledge; Pear appeal; Egyptian ideals; Buckle of the Girdle of Isis; Gnosticism; The Orient; The Agnus Dei; Tetragrammaton; each one signal of the Zodiac defined.

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It may occasionally be met with, having five or six limbs, and is then probably intended to represent the Wheel of the law, or Buddha's Wheel; whilst a three-limbed figure is much used in the Punjaub and other parts of India by the Mohajin Log (the banking, or moneyed class) as a charm which was not only worn, but used as an ornament in their houses, generally over the door. It is also the symbol indicated by the silent ascetic sitting with arms folded over the breast, the legs crossed, and each foot placed on the opposite thigh, which accounts for this pose, so familiar amongst the images of the Indian gods.

With regard to characteristics dealt with in the hind part of the book, this must be regarded as general, and liable to variation according to the remaining Planetary influences, which would be indicated in a horoscope. With this proviso, the information given will be found reliable and very helpful in giving a knowledge of our n dispositions and those of our friends and associates and should pave the way to a sympathy and understanding impossible without this knowledge. It will also afford a simple and easy means of at least proving there is something in Astrology, and if interest is aroused the fullest information may be obtained by a study of the books mentioned, dealing with the subject.

As in China, Talismans frequently consist of inscriptions on paper, invocations to one or other of the gods for success and good fortune, the symbol of the god being used according to the purpose of the Talisman. The sacred dog of Mitsuminè is used as a protection from robbers, the god Jurojin, the Stork, the Tortoise, or the Crane for health and longevity. A very popular charm for the latter purpose is the impression of a child's hand made by inking the hand, which is then pressed on to a piece of paper.

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