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Opposite to renowned (parental) opinion, children usually are not the lazy, disagreeable - frankly, spotty - louts they sometimes seem to be. throughout the teenage years the mind is present process its such a lot radical and basic swap because the age of 2. Nicola Morgan's conscientiously researched, available and funny exam of the ups and downs of the teenage mind has chapters facing robust feelings, the necessity for extra sleep, the urge to take hazards, the variation among genders, the explanations in the back of habit or melancholy, and what lies forward.

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Indd 66 04/03/2013 10:24 So? Can’t you just lie in at the weekend? Isn’t that what weekends are for? Unfortunately, life is not so simple. Although you can make up some sleep at weekends, this doesn’t help your body clock and may actually disrupt it further. There is no doubt that, even with extra sleep at the weekends, very many adolescents show symptoms of severe sleep deprivation. Here are some scary statistics: O Sleep affects your grades: in a survey of sleep habits of 3,000 Rhode Island teenagers, those with the most sleep got As and Bs; those with the least got Cs and Ds.

By the way, I know lots of teenagers don’t have untidy bedrooms but let’s face it: many do…) Here’s what I think: O Teenagers usually have a very small bedroom and a lot of stuff to keep in it. You also have to do a ridiculous number of things in your room so it’s hardly surprising if it becomes a tip. O You have far more important and stressful things going on in your lives than whether your bedroom is tidy or not. O Many of you probably would like your bedroom to be tidy but the effort of tidying it is often greater than the desire for it to be tidy.

Which theory do you find most interesting? Evolution? Culture? The struggle towards independence? Or just coincidence? indd 39 04/03/2013 10:24 Bedrooms – a mirror on the teenage brain In the first edition of Blame My Brain, I was quite dismissive about untidy teenage bedrooms. I really didn’t think they were important or interesting. Not my business, I thought. However, I have decided that perhaps they are quite interesting. (By the way, I know lots of teenagers don’t have untidy bedrooms but let’s face it: many do…) Here’s what I think: O Teenagers usually have a very small bedroom and a lot of stuff to keep in it.

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