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By Michael A. Stroscio, Mitra Dutta

Biological Nanostructures and purposes of Nanostructures in Biology: electric, Mechanical, and Optical Properties comprises reports and discussions of latest and appropriate themes facing the interface among the technological know-how and expertise of nanostructures and the technological know-how of biology. furthermore, this booklet vitamins those previous groundbreaking discoveries with discussions of promising new avenues of analysis that display the large strength of rising methods in nanobiotechnology. the themes contain:

- Biomedical purposes of semiconductor quantum dots,

- Integrating and tagging organic constructions with nanoscale quantum dots,

- purposes of carbon nanotubes in bioengineering,

- Nanophysical homes of residing cells,

- Bridging traditional nanotubes with fabricated nanotubes,

- Bioinspired techniques to development nanoscale units and structures,

- Hairpin formation in polynucleotides.

This cutting-edge survey of key advancements in nanotechnology - as they follow to bioengineering and biology - is key examining for all teachers, biomedical engineers, clinical physicists, and execs wishing to use the newest advancements and highly-promising discoveries in nanoscience underlying purposes in bioengineering and biology.

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