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Over the past few years, a brand new method of linguistic research has began to emerge. This method, which has become recognized below a variety of labels comparable to 'data-oriented parsing', 'corpus-based interpretation' and 'treebank grammar', assumes that human language comprehension and creation works with representations of concrete prior language reviews instead of with summary grammatical principles. It operates by way of decomposing the given representations into fragments and recomposing these items to investigate (infinitely many) new utterances. This publication exhibits how this basic process can practice to varied forms of linguistic representations. Experiments with this procedure recommend that the efficient devices of typical language can't be outlined by means of a minimum algorithm or ideas, yet have to be outlined by way of a wide, redundant set of formerly skilled buildings. Bod argues that this consequence has very important results for linguistic idea, resulting in a completely new view of the character of linguistic competence.

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Kay (1980), Winograd (1983), Jelinek et al. (1990), Stolcke (1995). The chart parsing approach can be applied to parsing with Stochastic Tree-Substitution Grammars if we note that every elementary tree t can be viewed as a context-free rewrite rule: root(t) —» frontier(f). 1 can be viewed as the rule PP-> from N to N. 1. An elementary tree can be viewed as a rewrite rule In order to preserve the internal structure of an elementary tree, we must also remember for every converted rule its original elementary tree (together with its probability).

G. Collins 1996, 1997; Eisner 1996, 1997; Charniak 1997b). Although such head-based stochastic lexicalized grammars are richer than simple SCFGs, they are still limited in that they do not cover dependencies that involve non-head words. Consider again the sentence Show the nearest airport to Dallas, where the prepositional phrase to Dallas can be attached either to the verb Show or to the noun airport. In head-based stochastic lexicalized 38 / BEYOND GRAMMAR grammars, the probability with which the PP-head to occurs with the VPhead Show is contrasted with the probability with which the PP-head to occurs with the NP-head airport.

E. 5 —> NP VP) is given by P(r\). Then, since in SHBG the rule probability is made conditional on the former rules in the leftmost derivation, the conditional probability of rule r2 is given by P(ri I r\). The conditional probability of r$ is given by P(i"3 I r2> H) a°d so forth. The probability of the whole analysis is equal to the product of the conditional probabilities of the rules: P(r\) • P(ri I n) • P(n I r2, r\) •... 2 ... r\) (Black et al. 1993a: 205). We thus note that SHBG can capture a dependency between all lexical items The, emaciated, man and starved (and their structure).

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