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By Tabari, Michael G. Morony

This quantity provides for the 1st time in English Tabari's whole account of the twenty-year lengthy reign of the 5th caliph, Mu'awiyah (661-680). the significance of this account lies partially in Tabari's citation of significant parts of the paintings of past authors, reminiscent of Abu Mikhnaf and different eighth-century compilers. it's also major simply because Tabari's number of subject matters has had a decisive impact on sleek interpretations of this era, fairly at the id of what the real matters have been within the works of Henri Lammens and Julius Wellhausen. the following you'll learn the intriguing account of the Khariji rebellion of Mustawrid ibn Ullifah, the remarkable yet debatable checklist of the governorship of Ziyad b. Abihi, the unique escapades of the poet Farazdaq in his formative years, and the tragic tale of Hibn 'Adi. Tabari's presentation of alternative issues of view approximately those and different occasions makes his account an necessary resource for early Islamic historical past.

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Mu`awiyah's power would not last forever, and at some future date others might have the opportu- nity to take power.  al-Mada'ini.  Musa. 42 When Mu`awiyah granted his request, Qays and those who were with him submitted to him.  Abi Sufyan, `Amr b. , with respect to strategems.  Mu`tazilan, used of Muslim neutralists beginning in the first civil war. V. al-Ta'if.  Petersen, `Ali and Mu`awiya, 186-95. 47 In this year `Ali's sons, al-Hasan and al-Husayn, left al-Kufah for al-Madinah. " And the people began to weep.

The annotation aims chiefly at clarifying difficult passages, identifying individuals and place-names, and discussing textual difficulties. Much leeway has been left to the translators to include in the footnotes whatever they consider necessary and helpful. The bibliographies list all the sources mentioned in the annotation. The index in each volume contains all the names of persons and places referred to in the text, as well as those mentioned in the notes as far as they refer to the medieval period.

Dhira`ah, between 1,592 and 5,837 1/3 sq.  Hinz, Islamische Masse und Gewichte, 65-6.  7.  Mu`awiyah wrote to Bust to leave them alone and let them go, so he did.  Qur'an 26: 228.  Zuhayr. " So Mu`awiyah wrote on Abu Bakrah's behalf to Busr telling him not to interfere with any of Ziyad's children.  For you have taken a great thing upon yourselfthe Caliphate of God over His creation.  Qur'an 7: 72.  That is, Mu`awiyah, whose mother, Hind, had eaten the liver of Muham- mad's uncle, Hamzah, in revenge at the Battle of `Uhud.

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