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By Lena Palaniyappan, Rajeev Krishnadas

Following the release of the recent syllabus and new MRCPsych examination through the Royal collage of Psychiatrists, this e-book comprises greater than 450 a number of selection inquiries to support psychiatry trainees to organize for Paper 2 of the MRCPsych examination. aiding those MCQs are exact explanatory solutions and revision notes, referenced to the main textbooks utilized by trainees.

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Lancet 1960; 1: 790–793. PSYCHIATRIC GENETICS | ANSWERS 13. C. Heritability is the proportion of variation in a trait that can be attributed to genetic factors. It does not apply to a specific trait in an individual patient; it refers to the variation in the population as a whole. It is not immutable for a specific disease in a population; it will vary with the epidemiological changes in risk and environmental influences in a population, but it can be fixed at a specific time and for a given set of circumstances.

According to this law, if two plants that differ in just one trait (black and white) are crossed, then the resulting hybrids will be uniform in the chosen trait (either black or white, not blue). This is not entirely true as later geneticists demonstrated intermediate phenotypes resulting from codominant heterozygous expression. The second law is the principle of segregation. It states that for any particular trait, the pair of alleles of each parent separate and only one allele passes from each parent to an offspring.

C. D. E. Broad heritability Narrow heritability Concordance Genetic determination Gene–environment covariance 66. Mutations on chromosome 17 are linked to which of the following neurodegenerative disorders? A. B. C. D. E. Huntington’s disease Lewy body dementia Frontotemporal dementia Alzheimer’s dementia Crutzfeld–Jakob disease 67. A 24-year-old man suffers from repeated episodes of sleepiness associated with sudden falls. Which of the following polymorphisms is associated with this patient’s condition?

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