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Practical Mysticism

Underhill was once a number one authority on smooth mysticism. Written prior to global battle 1, useful Mysticism experiences the works of the best Western mystics, together with Teresa of Avila, Julian of Norwich, and Thomas Г  Kempis. Underhill brings esoteric matters onto a pragmatic footing, exhibiting that the profound presents of mysticism should not just for the few yet are close by people all.

The Cave of the Ancients

A small glimpse into prior background of the Earth and its population who concealed hugely technical gear which to this present day continues to be hidden. Lobsang along with his advisor; the Lama Mingyar Dondup, get's to go to the place this know-how is hidden and sees along with his personal eyes this wondrous gear. This expertise is awaiting those that can use it for the good thing about mankind and that point is approaching.

The Rampa Story

Lobsang Rampa's trip maintains as he travels from Korea into Russia, all through Europe, crusing to the united states, eventually finishing up in England. Lobsang endures catch and additional torture until eventually he once more, escapes via riding luxurious automobiles. during this booklet Lobsang inhabits (transmigration) the physique of an English guy (Cyril Henry Hoskins) desirous to depart this global, permitting Lobsang to proceed his unique job.

Dowsing: An expose of hidden occult forces

Divulge of the darkish aspect of dowsing. Illustrated.

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So he built himself a castle of extraordinary splendor, all of precious stones. 53 54 ~ CHKPT€R 3 And opening the second nut there came from it such a magnificent suit of clothes that when he put it on he was the handsomest man in the world. So he went to the king and was well received. However, when he asked for the hand of the princess, the monarch replied that he was very sorry, but he had promised his daughter to another prince. For this other prince the princess had no love at all, but she was enamored with the youth.

At last it was arranged that there should be a combat, and that if the young man could hold his own in the might marry the princess. Now he was strong and brave, yet this was a great trial. But the Ladies of the Walnut Tree helped their friend, so that all fell before him. Never a sword or lance touched him in the fray, he bore a charmed life, and the opposing knights went down before him like sheep before a wolf. He was the victor and wedded the daughter of the king; and after a few months she gave birth to a beautiful babe who was called, in gratitude to the fairy ladies, the Walnut of Benevento.

When treated with respect fairies were usually kind, but fairies were very sen­ sitive and easily offended. Fairy ethics were unlike the human kind. Fairies were well-known for taking objects from human households, and on occa­ sion even taking an occupant of the home with them. However, fairies did not tolerate the same treatment by humans. Fairies appear to be well disposed toward humans who offer gifts and provide various services for them. There are also stories in which a fairy and a human become lovers.

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