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By Jean-Paul Sartre

Being and Nothingness is one of the most vital books of the 20 th century. The principal paintings through one of many world's so much influential thinkers, it altered the process western philosophy. Its progressive technique challenged all earlier assumptions in regards to the individual's courting with the area. often called 'the Bible of existentialism', its impression on tradition and literature used to be speedy and used to be felt around the globe, from the absurd drama of Samuel Beckett to the soul-searching cries of the Beat poets.
Being and Nothingness is a kind of infrequent books whose effect has affected the way of thinking of next generations. Sixty years after its first e-book, its message continues to be as powerful as ever - difficult the reader to confront the elemental dilemmas of human freedom, accountability and motion.

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We said that con­ sciousness is the knowing being in his capacity as being and not as being known. This means that we must abandon the primacy of knowledge if we wish to establish that knowledge. Of course consciousness can know and know itself. But it is in itself something other than a knowledge turned back upon itself. All consciousness, as Husserl has shown, is consciousness of something. " A table is not in consciousness-not even in the capacity of a representatirn. A table is in space, beside the window, etc.

But no action indicates anything which is behind itself; it indicates only itself and the total series. The obvious conclusion is that the dualism of being and appearance IS no longer entitled to any legal status within philosophy. The appearance refers to the total series of appearances and not to a hidden reality which ~ould drain to itself alI the being of the existent. And the appearance for Its part is not an inconsistent manifestation of this being. To the extent that men had believed in noumenal realities, they have presented appear­ ance as a pure negative.

This new opposition, the "finite and the infinite," or better, "the in­ finite in the finite," replaces the dualism of being and appearance. What appears in fact is only an aspect of the object, and the object is altogether in that aspect and altogether outside of it. It is altogether witllin, in that it manifests itself in that aspect; it shows itself as the structure of the appearance, which is at the same time the principle of the series. It is altogether outside, for the series itself will never appear nor can it appear.

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