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48 Gunter von Ehrenstein and Einhard Schierenberg b. Sex-Specific Gonad Primordia Are Formed in Early Mitotic Period. In the early mitotic phase, lasting from about the mid-Ll stage to the L1-L2 molt, Zl and Z4 divide to form the primary somatic gonad primordium, which contains 12 cells in hermaphrodites and 10 cells in males. The asymmetry of male gonad development becomes visibly manifest, shortly after the first division of Zl and Z4. Thus, there are only two additional cell divisions (one each of Zl and Z4 descendants) in hermaphrodites, but the arrangement of the cells in the somatic gonad primordium is very different in males and hermaphrodites.

The adult tail nervous system has been described (Hall, 1977). Eight neuron-like nuclei, four on each side of the juvenile, are embedded in the hypodermis. One pair of them, small subventral hermaphrodite-specific neurons (hsn) near the gonad primordium, is absent in the male. In addition, 2 neuroblasts, one on the left (Ql) and one on the right (Q2) are subdorsal between the V4 and V5 precursor cells. f. Nervous System, Embryo: Fiber Bundles and Nerve Processes Are Absent. In the lima bean embryo, the nerve ring is absent, and no nerve processes or synapses are present elsewhere in the embryo.

The essential function of six genes, emb-1, emb-2, emb-3, emb-6, emb-7, and emb-8, seems to be required exclusively for embryogenesis and may not be particularly important in any other phase of life. Embryonic arrest mutants in these genes have no other detectable phenotype at the permissive (16°C) or nonpermissive 56 Gunter von Ehrenstein and Einhard Schierenberg Fig. 26. Position of nine abnormal embryogenesis, emb, genes together with some markers on a simplified linkage map of C. elegans. Only the linkage groups with emb genes are shown (LG// and LGX are omitted); markers defining the presently known extent of each linkage group are included (S.

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