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The Venerable Bede—theologian, historian, and medical cosmologist—played an indisputable position in laying the principles of the trendy global. From his quantitative method of questions of technology to his advent of the Anno Domini procedure of courting and his serious equipment of biblical research, Bede either expected and encouraged our glossy methods of considering. Bede: On Genesis is the 1st English-language translation of Bede’s Latin observation at the publication of Genesis—the commencing chapters of which he considered as the foundational narrative of the realm and during which he derived the theoretical foundation for his clinical treaties and his concept of the English because the selected humans of God. followed via an informative advent that makes Bede’s remark available to someone with an curiosity in his paintings, this quantity is a vital contribution to ecclesiastical background.

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24, ridiculed the notion of the antipodes and a round earth. Augustine echoed Lactantius’s ridicule of the antipodes, but carefully avoided taking a stand on the issue of a round vs. 9). Isidore of Seville also postulated a flat earth in the shape of a circle of lands surrounded by the Ocean (Etym. 2). For other late antique and early medieval believers in a flat earth, see Robbins, The Hexaemeral Literature, pp. 59–61. Bede’s belief in a spherical earth is unequivocal (cf. DNR 46). 154 In connection with this first section of On Genesis, Brown (Bede the Venerable, p.

208). 190 ‘The exercise of hope is one of the most characteristic features of Bede’s commentaries’, Carroll, The Venerable Bede, p. 217. 191 In Gen. 1938-42 (below, p. 199). Bede, always alert to wordplay, can surely not have been blind to the providential (as he might have seen it) paronomasia of his native language (sunu / sunne, Son / sun) in the context of his development of the meaning of ‘Sun of justice’. 192 In Gen. 1944-46 (below, p. 199). indd 38 19/2/08 14:49:57 INTRODUCTION 39 Truly the southern region, from which the sun, burning more brightly, habitually lights up the world, mystically signifies the ardour of love, whereby the hearts of the elect are enflamed with the Sun of justice, namely Christ, always shining down from above … And so Abram … went forward with human curiosity, going and proceeding on to the south.

101 Bede’s solution is to look for spiritual meaning, to transpose the problem to the allegorical level. Thus there emerges the pervasive theme in which the old is contrasted unfavourably with the new, the elder with the younger. The contrast may be between the bad and the good, as in the story of Cain and Abel, or between the good and the better, as in the contrast between the Old and the New Covenant or the Synagogue and the Church. There is considerable instability in the interpretations implicit in the negative pole, as, for example, in the contrast between the ‘old man’, Adam, and the ‘new man’, Christ, with Adam variously interpreted in bono or in malo.

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