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`Beast and Man is an excellent and persuasive try to set us in our animal context, ... and to point a morality for a society with out non secular absolutes - a morality of which we see the rudiments in our brother species.' - The Observer

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2). cultural acclimatization we might choose a milder one, keeping indoctrinate for the instilling of false opinions. But then—as everyone not wholly satisfied with the present state of the world must surely agree—people do very often hold false opinions. There are many iniquitous and confused societies around, kept going by the fact that people do absorb without criticism the beliefs of those around them. They would not do so if they did not feel the need for some sort of belief, or if they did not mind disagreeing with everyone in sight, or if they insisted on clear proof before they ever accepted a suggestion.

Well, among other things, yes. And so should Eminent Victorians, Language, Truth and Logic, 16 “Ethological Models and the Concept of Drive,” British Journal for the Philosophy of Science, 6 (1956), 321. 17 The common use of the word animal which contrasts it with man is obscure. I have so used it for convenience sometimes, even in this book, but it must never be forgotten that we do not have a clear basis for it, as we do if we oppose animals to vegetables, minerals, or machines. ” Beast and man 12 Les Demoiselles d’Avignon, 18 and half the papers in periodicals.

25 This would not be true if the Blank Paper view that “man has no instincts,” that there simply was no innate determining element in human behavior, were right. But it cannot be right. It is not even clear that it can be meaningful. 26 25 The thorough, painstaking background surveys with which the field observers I quote support and explain their conclusions are a necessary supplement to what I say.

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