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"Christopher Wanjek makes use of a take-no-prisoners process in debunking the outrageous nonsense being heaped on a gullible public within the identify of technological know-how and medication. Wanjek writes with readability, humor, and humanity, and at the same time informs and entertains."-Dr. Michael Shermer, writer, Skeptic journal; per month columnist, medical American; writer of Why humans think bizarre ThingsPrehistoric people believed cedar ashes and incantations might medication a head harm. old Egyptians believed the center used to be the heart of inspiration, the liver produced blood, and the mind cooled the physique. the traditional Greek health practitioner Hippocrates was once an incredible fan of bloodletting. at the present time, we're nonetheless stricken by numerous clinical myths and misconceptions. undesirable drugs units the checklist instantly by way of debunking generally held but mistaken notions of ways the physique works, from chilly therapies to vaccination fears.Clear, available, and hugely exciting, undesirable drugs dispels such clinical convictions as:* you just use 10% of your mind: CAT, puppy, and MRI scans all turn out that there are not any inactive areas of the mind . . . no longer even in the course of sleep.* Sitting too with reference to the television motives nearsightedness: Your mom was once improper. probably, an already nearsighted baby sits with reference to see better.* consuming junk foodstuff will make your face escape: pimples is attributable to useless epidermis cells, hormones, and micro organism, no longer from a pizza with every little thing on it.* should you do not costume warmly, you are going to trap a chilly: chilly viruses are the real and merely reason for colds.Protect your self and those you're keen on from undesirable medicine-the mind you retailer will be your individual.

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Surely sexual intercourse, which is crucial for a species’ survival, won’t cause blindness. How can the eyes “feel” the difference between foreplay, coitus, and going solo? The masturbation myth grew out of real fears that male masturbation was tantamount to the loss of precious seed needed to produce more humans. The Judeo-Christian tradition has always given masturbation a bad rap, even though it is not mentioned specifically in the Bible. ) Science in the eighteenth century, amazingly, supported this notion that masturbation was physically harmful, even for women, although many scientists (all men) were not convinced that women masturbated with enough regularity to 34 I SING THE BODY ECLECTIC be of concern.

That’s a no-brainer for the brain, which commands the liver. The liver cannot detoxify everything; toxins do slip through. Ultimately, these toxins are excreted from the body, with or without the once-over from the liver. The liver simply ensures there are fewer toxins available to wreak havoc in the body at any given time. Those toxins that do get by the liver unscathed or merely wounded may pass through again. Or, if they are water soluble (as opposed to fat soluble), the kidney can break them down.

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