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So there you're - you may have served your 9 months, been in the course of the pains and stresses of the delivery itself, produced this stunning baby...surely it is time you had a well-earned relaxation. regrettably that is very infrequently how it seems for a brand new mum. simply if you end up at your such a lot knackered, you might want to care for loads of burping, whining and tantrums...and that is simply out of your companion! How lucky then that this convenient little ebook is obtainable, packed with precious recommendation on easy methods to care for your turning out to be kinfolk, tips to neutralise rival grandparents...and nonetheless have the capacity to get your time to your self.

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48 49 For a Baby it’s a point of honour to: Know when its Mum really wants to show it off and develop a nasty facial rash just before the event. ’ 56 The New Mum’s Dictionary 57 ANAEMIA : This fashion for giving Babies Victorian names is really getting out of hand. 58 AU PAIR : A young woman whose presence in the house gives you time to yourself, and your partner ideas. 59 BABY-SITTING CIRCLE : A reciprocal arrangement whereby Parents seem to spend every night looking after other people’s children and then find nobody’s free on the one evening they want to go out.

42 Mummy Training 43 For a Baby it’s a point of honour to: Come up with an illness which doesn’t match any of the descriptions in the childcare books. 44 45 For a Baby it’s a point of honour to: Hold back a really big Poo until immediately after a nappy change. 46 47 For a Baby it’s a point of honour to: Listen out for the words, ‘I think the Baby’s settled for the night now,’ and prove them wrong. 48 49 For a Baby it’s a point of honour to: Know when its Mum really wants to show it off and develop a nasty facial rash just before the event.

You can always recognise a New Mum by: The disappointed, neglected look in her partner’s eyes. 30 Daddy Dearest 31 You can tell your partner will be a good Dad when: He offers to look after the Baby while you go off for a girlie weekend with your friends. ) 34 35 You can tell your partner will be a good Dad when: He’s decided that, now he’s got the responsibility of a Baby, he’s going to give up drinking with the boys and stay at home every evening. ) 36 Your partner should be discouraged from: Getting into discussions with your mother about A) Childcare, B) Education, C) Anything, really… 37 Your partner should be discouraged from: Wanting to dress your Baby in any team strip.

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