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A & N. Autophagiography. ISBN-13: 978-0692234204. ISBN-10: 0692234209. gnOme, 2014. 192 pp. $12.00.

A precise tale, sizzling off the wine presses of the guts. whatever indescribable happened. Communications ensued, turning into a saintly self-eating approach whose vermicular path is that this publication. half romance, half mystical discussion, half melodrama, Autophagiography is a ( )hole record of very unlikely love and friendship among genuine inexistent individuals. the consequences may possibly astonish you.

Contents: I. ALP, a.k.a. Resent Morning Prayer. II. Scars of the Horizon. III. New lifestyles. IV. Saintly communique: A Rule. V. Postscripts

“Bitten difficult by means of the Autophagiography‘s ‘spiral ouroboros’ while focus is dissipated between its narrative peculiarities, cultural allusions, codes, and ceaseless diversions, i'm going to try and have the opportunity to discuss it . . . ” — Nick Land

” . . . an important unintentional scan in documentary authorship, an ‘as-is’ e-book with a number of pleasant surprises and contradictions . . . the perception and modifying of Autophagiography turns into a major a part of the narrative itself, in order that the textual content actually and narratively eats itself into its personal actual current, like a few form of vast love-child proverbially devouring the authors out in their inexistent sub-oceanic condominium and residential: ‘The monster is the following and that i can't cease it, I don’t wish it ever to close up. no matter what occurs during this existence there'll be the fault of this cataclysmic now screaming to me, deafening me with the echo of a deformity that I consistently used to be’ (73) . . . you will basically desire with out desire that its authors by some means locate happiness during this sphere or the subsequent, or no less than in a peculiar new someplace that's neither.” — nameless, “Eating your self to L( )ve,” HTMLGIANT

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I just woke up a little while ago, after 6 hours of blissful sleep. Now in perfect mutual disbelief, impossibly ordinary astonishment. Welcome back! Everything is in order ;-) Just read with pleasure your “extremely disheveled raw thoughts,” which seem not disheveled at all. More like you are dancing with your own shadow, a self playing hide and seek with its several bodies out in the open, in the sunlight! A light that shines upon the 53 AUTOPHAGIOGRAPHY blackness of all things. There is thought, and there is an ‘I’, but before and after them is a third present, an EYE which sees and shines darkly upon them both, filling the space around and between and inside them.

There is something that I ATE making things at the same time more difficult and so easy! Then I came back alone and felt like a 'breaking vessel', a bit like in video of Al di la, in a vertigo without any center where indeed the most empty is the head and from which I don't want to leave. I was so happy when you first told me you are really reading CL! It is always so devastatingly disarming to read it because, as you say, it is not a book. Which reminds me of a conversation I had over this desire to write "a book" (I was arguing for back then).

S. Have you ever considered … ? … daydreamed about that yesterday, so I wanted to mention, despite my being more desperate to read The Count of Dead Thoughts. ). I wish to do it!! As much as I think Cosmic Pessimism ought to be translated into Romanian! Though you might have overestimated my English... But yes, this would mean read more more fiction and try to learn better while doing (which I am already working at). Oh, my nights will be shorter and shorter! I will hopefully feed you soon with more dead thoughts, this time an ac-count of cognition as the theme park of your darkest nightmares ;) less convoluted, I hope!

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