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By Merrill Maguire Skaggs

One in every of America's most desirable minds -- and wits -- writing within the 18th century was once Benjamin Franklin. He helped write the U.S. structure, he used to be an inventor, statesman, and scientist. He was once as helpful to society as one guy should be. the following he tells his personal tale.

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Html2010-6-6 8:11:49 Next Document Previous Released By -TSJ5J- Next Page 35 convicted of bigamy, whipped with thirty-nine lashes on the bare back, and imprisoned at hard labor for life. The risks of a formal marriage being so great, Deborah Read became Franklin's common-law wife, though their friends always considered the children legitimate. Question Why would Franklin have seemed a good financial risk for those with enough money to loan him what he needed? html2010-6-6 8:11:49 Next Document Previous Released By -TSJ5J- Next Page 36 Part Two Section 8 Synopsis: "Continuation of the Account.

So he finally returned to Miss Read, with whom he set up housekeeping on September 1, 1730, thus correcting another former erratum. About this time the Junto Club members pooled their books, but then found the arrangement inconvenient. So Franklin set afoot his first proposal to benefit the public—a subscription library, which was established and later imitated in other cities. " Discussion Franklin's matter-of-fact discussion of his marriage often appears callous to students who do not realize two things.

He jotted ideas on the project from time to time, in one note proposing a creed for party members to ratify which could fit all religious systems. It affirmed the existence of the soul and of one God who made and governs the world, who rewards virtue and punishes vice, a Divinity who could be served best by serving other men. Franklin thought his sect should be started secretly among young, single men who would submit to a thirteen-week course in acquiring virtues, as Franklin himself had done.

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