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By John Stuart Mill

Volume 1 beneficial properties Mill’s Autobiography in addition to similar essays which jointly paint a balanced photograph of his youth, together with his rigorous “home education” by the hands of his father, James Mill, and the emotional obstacle of his early maturity. Such insights are a superb primer for later great volumes of Mill’s paintings and shed gentle at the personality of nineteenth-century Britain’s most popular liberal highbrow. This quantity used to be assembled below the course of Professor John M. Robson of the college of Toronto and comprises such infrequent fabric as Mill’s adolescence writings, examples of his early articles released in such journals as The Westminster Review and the London Review, and a younger critique of his father’s philosophical contributions.

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364 t-'. (See also the string of changes, pp. ) A troublesome instance of scholarly obfuscation may be instanced: a description of poetry (in quotation marks) as "man's thoughts tinged by his feelings" is ascribed by Mill to "a writer in Blackwood's Magazine"; in 1859 he says. bluntly, "He defines" it as such; but in 1833 he had said, "We forget his exact words, but in substance he defined" (p. 348'-')---he almost certainly refers to John Wilson, who used similar phrases (especially after Mill wrote these words), but no such definition has been located by us.

5_Sheworried a great dealover these passages. , 1873, AlexanderBain had urged her to omit the most extravagant parts of Mill's description of her mother as well as herself: "I greatlydoubt the propriety of your printing those sentences wherehe declares herto be a greater poet than Carlyle... anda greaterthinker than himself--and again, a greaterleader than hasfather (or at all events an equal)" (pp. 183,213 in the present volume); "I would recommend to you, under all the ctreumstances, to decline the comphment, for yourself, of being more original than Mr Mill" (Barn refers specifically tothe passage at the top of p.

7° The final two essays in this group, the parallel reviews in 1833 of The Producing 7°Seealsopp. 351"-_. Whatis very likelya misreading,one paralleled elsewhere,may be seen in the changeto "'or"from"and" (habituallywntten by Millas a small ampersandresemblingboth "or"and "a")at p. 358_w: andcf. below,thechangefrom"where"to "when"(p. 423-'-0and from"those"to "these" (p. very hkelythe resultof othercommon problemswithMill's hand. INTRODUCTION Xxxvii Man's Companion by W. B. ) and June (Tait's Edinburgh Magazine)--that is, in the period between the two essays on poetry.

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