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By Graeme Forbes

Ascriptions of psychological states to oneself and others provide upward thrust to many fascinating logical and semantic difficulties. perspective difficulties offers an unique account of psychological kingdom ascriptions which are made utilizing intensional transitive verbs resembling 'want', 'seek', 'imagine', and 'worship'. Forbes deals a thought of ways such verbs paintings that attracts on principles from traditional language semantics, philosophy of language, and aesthetics.

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Since Tom sleeps is of type b, or Tom chases Jerry is the function, and it must be of type bb, since it is to accept an input of type b from its sister and produce an output of type b for its parent. Tom chases Jerry is also of type b, so the type of or must accept an input from the left of type b and produce an output at the parent node of type bb; hence or is of type b(bb), and b(bb) may replace the query in (5b). ) The formula (5c) accurately transcribes the bottom-up functionapplication sequence indicated in (5b): at the final step, the function or(chases( jerry)(tom)) applies to the argument sleeps(tom).

1. Might the two phenomena nevertheless have the same semantic explanation, most likely in terms of occurrence outside versus within the scope of an intensional expression? We have just noted that there is no straightforward way of getting the required narrow-scope semantics for (4). There is a less straightforward way, but when we examine it in detail in Chapter 4, it will be found wanting. The behaviour of ‘need’ is also a problem for a single-explanation approach, since with it we find a relational/notional ambiguity but no hyperintensionality.

Moreover, it may even be that we can have a relational/notional ambiguity unaccompanied by intensionalitypw , as the case of verbs of absence suggests. If Max omits a singer from his cast, and the singers and the dancers are the same people, it appears to follow that he has omitted a dancer, his intentions notwithstanding. If a certain faculty committee lacks a mathematician and the mathematicians on the faculty are all and only the holders of nsf grants on the faculty, then it follows that the committee lacks an nsf grant-holder.

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