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He's thought of the daddy of contemporary astrology: Alan Leo spread out the secrets and techniques of divination by means of the celebrities to most people within the early twentieth century with a favored line of astrology manuals that trigger a craze for horoscopes that maintains to at the present time. right here, during this copy of the 1910 fourth version of his crucial primer, Leo teaches us. . the fundamentals of astronomy required for an figuring out of astrology . the character and personality of the twelve symptoms of the Zodiac . entire breakdowns of the impact of the sunlight and the Moon on each one condo . what a horoscope is and the way to solid one . and extra. additionally FROM COSIMO: Leo's the foremost in your personal Nativity, Symbolism and Astrology: An creation to Esoteric Astrology, Horary Astrology, and Mars: The struggle Lord British astrologer WILLIAM FREDERICK ALLAN (1860-1917), aka Alan Leo, released Astrologer's journal in addition to a line of astrological fabrics; he based the Astrological resort of the Theosophical Society in 1915.

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He has an inclination for political, educational, and scientific work, and may join any movement or public body relating to these ; has 70 ASTROLOGY FOR ALL . SOLI-LTJNAR COMBINATIONS some inclination for local politics and municipal affairs . He is sociable and sympathetic in manner, and desirous of the good opinion of , others ; yet he may be very independent, unorthodox, and unconventional at times . This position increases the imagination and the intuition and mental sensitiveness generally.

D in nt . This lunar position makes those born under it very firm and determined, self-reliant and assured, well able to stand alone and fight their own battles. Abrupt and plain-spoken, positive, energetic and capable 68 ASTROLOGY FOR ALL . of hard work, they are yet fond of the good things of this world . Somewhat conservative and averse to change, especially if forced upon them from without, they are difficult to influence and may be very obstinate ; yet for their own purposes they will sometimes appear changeable, and will advocate or carry out great and revolutionary changes .

This is an exceedingly sensitive combination, giving a considerable amount of ambition and love of fame ; and the Moon, being receptive in nature and here placed in the, executive sign Cancer, will add the power of achievement to the splendid idealism of Aries, greatly adding to the strength of the combination, which, moreover, increases the intuitive and psychic faculties, expands the imagination, improves the memory and strengthens the brain . There are two somewhat contradictory sides to the character ; one enterprising, active, bold, and domineering, and the other sensitive, domestic and homely .

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