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By S. L. MacGregor Mathers

Someone who's learning the Golden sunrise procedure wishes this quantity to accomplish their collection,this is simply an past printing of formality Magic of the Golden sunrise, Works by means of MacGregor Mathers and others. A virtually whole collections of Flyring Rolls from the Golden sunrise.

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I saw, at first dimly, 'as in a glass darkly', and then with complete clarity, a most foul shape, between a bloated big-bellied toad and a malicious ape. My guide spoke to me in an audible voice, saying 'Now smite it with all your force, using the Name of the Lord Jesus'. I did so gathering all the force I possessed into, as it were, a glowing ball of electric fire and then projecting it like a lightning flash upon the foul image before me. There was a slight feeling of shock, a foul smell, a momen­ tary dimness, and then the thing was gone; simultaneously my Guide disappeared.

Letters (post paid) upon any subject treated in this Book, will be duly answered, with the necessary information. I know that a t least one for I have seen his papers were others, and Montague than ultramontane Roman student j oined this school of magic, and diaries. It is likely that there Summers, who, in spite of his more Catholicism, real or assumed,5 was 5 With all due respect to such admirers of him as Father Brocard Sewell it seems to me that there was at least some element of affec­ tation in Summers' ultra-Papalistic Catholicism.

The next time, therefore, that he was announced, I closed myself to him, before he was admitted. I imagined that I had formed myself a complete investiture of odic fluid, surrounding me on all sides, but not touching me, and impenetrable to any hostile currents. This magical process was immediately and permanently suc­ cessful-I never had to repeat it. Second Illustration A lady, hoping to develop herself spiritually had allowed 48 FLYING ROLL NO. V herself to become passively mediumistic, and her health began to fail.

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