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By John Zorn

For hundreds of years musicians have tapped into mysticism, magic and alchemy, embracing ritual, spell, incantation and prayer, and experimenting with esoteric ways to concord, pitch and vibration. In contemporary many years, avant-garde musicians have rediscovered those overlaps, as occultism has reinvented itself--through Buddhist and different Asian affects, Thelema and Chaos Magic--to accommodate cultural lines from psychedelica via Punk and commercial track. This distinctive version of John Zorn's a lot acclaimed Arcana sequence makes a speciality of the mystical points of the act of creating tune. Neither ancient review nor musicological research, it illuminates the sympathies among track and the esoteric culture with assistance from trendy best experimental musicians and occultists. between those are William Breeze, Gavin Bryars, Alvin Curran, Fred Frith, Sharon Gannon, Larkin Grimm, William Kiesel, Yusef Lateef, Frank London, Meredith Monk, Mark Nauseef, Pauline Oliveros, Genesis P-Orridge, Terry Riley, David Toop, Greg Wall, Peter Lamborn Wilson and Z'ev.

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Similar to the symbolism of geometry in motion that we call astrology, there was developed a symbolism of colors that appears to be drawn from Nature. « > mcations). The human species greatest gift is the ability to create and manipulate symbols. Symbolism can also be used to generate a feeling, sensation or idea of a metaphysical nature. , and their motion. Earlier, I referred to the merging principle as being equivalent to the concept of modulation, the idea of change from one form or condition into another.

We must never forget that music is really just a reflection of what it is to be human. Music is also composed of many interrelated cycles and elements, which we respond to as the total sound of When Jupiter is on one side of the Sun, and Uranus, Neptune and Saturn are on the other side of the Sun, then CM is beneath the Sun's sur­ the music. The more complex the music, the more we hear it as a whole. I see astrology as a mancy of geometrical shapes in motion, the face, near the center of the Sun (but closer to the side of the Sun that Jupiter symbolism of which is interpreted through numerical representation.

Ibid. "^ Keywords: hatred, 55. Leadbeater, p. 8i. ^^ 56. , pp. 81-82. Brown-, autumn, earth, wood, greed (dull almost rust brown), industry, materialism, accumulation of wealth, selfishness. ®^' 57. , p. 84. Grey: deep depression, gloomy, sadden­ 58. Panchadasi, p. 11. '° 59. org/wiki/Green When we look at some of the associations accessed September 9, 2009. of color with zodiac signs, we can see the sym­ 60. Leadbeater, p. 82. bolism of each merged into a single system: Keywords: water, ice, cold, sadness, winter, boys, religion (dark clear blue), morality, spirituality, 62 63 COLEMAN R E G A R D I N G T H E S O N I C SYMBOLISM O F W H E N A N D W H E R E From Westcott" Aries white Taurus white and vellow Gemini red Cancer green and brown Leo black and blue Libra black or crimson yellow or green Capricorn black or brown Aquarius Pisces Aries orange^^ Mercury yellow^^ 65.

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