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By Mitsuru Wada (auth.), Satoshi Matsumoto M.D., Kiyoshi Sato M.D., Norihiko Tamaki M.D., Shizuo Oi M.D. (eds.)

Distribution rights for Japan: Neuron Publishing Co., Tokyo, Japan

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These phenomenon weIl correlate to the changes of acetylcholine receptor (ACh R) in acute hydrocephalic rat. So, make it clear the correlation of ER and ACh R on further study. (Shoni no Noshinkei 13: 35-41, 1988) Key words: Histochemistry, Estrogen receptor, Hydrocephalus, Rat brain, Kaolin Spatial Memory Disruption in Hydrocephalic Rats Assessed in the Radial Arm Maze Yasuo IWASAKI, 1 Nobuyuki SHITARA,2Isamu SAITO,2Kintomo TAKAKURA,2Tetsuji YAE,3and Michihiro FUJIWARA3 IDepartment of Neurosurgery , Japanese Red Cross Medical Center , Tokyo; 2Department of Neurosurgery, Faculty of Medicine, University of Tokyo , Tokyo; and 3Department of Physiology and Pharmacology, Faculty of Pharmaceutical Science, Fukuoka, Japan For the purpose of elucidating the pathophysiology of memory disturbance in hydrocephalus, the authors studied behavioral change in experimentally induced hydrocephalic rats by using a radial eight-arm maze which is known to be a useful experimental tool for assessing spatial memory in animals.

Since 1986, over 11,000 individual patient samples have been deposited in the CSF Bank and are available for retrospective research purposes. Wherever possible, corresponding plasma or serum is stored with the CSF sample . The CSF and blood are aseptieally aliquoted into polypropylene or glass freezer vials. A database derived largely from information downloaded from hospital-based systems includes the results of all CSF laboratory studies , in addition to the patient age and the primary discharge diagnoses.

Shoni no Noshinkei 13: 15-24, 1988) Key words: Congenital hydrocephalus, Acquired hydrocephalus, Brain water content, Electrolyte metabolism, Energy metabolism IIM" \. ,\ T I' :\1 JI' ~ :\ d n Er1l"r~y {'hargt· "on~,'n i l a l hyd ru cephalu-, i223 kaul in hydrol'l'Jlha ln" 11<'111" c::::J kaolin hydroc"Jlh aln" c hro nh' Figure. Percent changes from the control values of the concentrations of lactate and adenine nucleotides in brain tissues as well as calculated values concerning energy metabolism of the brain with hydrocephalus.

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