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A vintage examine of drugs in antiquity, old medication brings jointly a lot of Ludwig Edelstein's most crucial paintings on a subject matter that occupied him all through a exotic occupation. integrated is his well known translation of and remark at the Hippocratic Oath, in addition to his different writings at the oath which reveal how ordinary it really is of Greek scientific concept. The booklet additionally explores the effect of empiricism and skepticism on Greek and Roman medication, the perform of anatomy and dietetics in antiquity, and the relation of historical drugs to historical philosophy.

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P. 4 7 5 , 14-1 7 : µríXtara. voíjaa.. pà. t. 66 This is the Pythagorean doctrine concerning the regimen of the healthy. It is clear, 1 think, that in such a theory bodily and psychic factors are blended in a peculiar way. At the sarne time there is a moral element involved : unhealthy desire is uncontrolled desire ; a decision is to be made between those appetites which ought to be satisfied and those which ought to be d isregarded . Moreover, the Pythagorean teach­ ing, in a strange manner, insists on negative i nstances.

77 (cf. Littré, op. , I , p. 342) , that the words in question are a later addition. lf this statement were missing, sur­ gery would not be referred to at ali in th e Oath. 92 Cf . , Littré, op. , IV, p. 61 7 . A separation of surgery from internai medi­ cine can be traced at best to Galen 's time (cf. Galen , X, pp. 454-55 K . ; Jon es, op. cit. , p. 48) , that is, in th e sense that physicians refused to practice surgery because they h eld it beneath th eir dignity. Th e study and teaching of th e various branch es of medicine had b ecome specialized long before, cf.

The words must mean what in the opinion of ali early interpreters they seemed to mean : lithotomy is here excluded because the performance of operations is held to be incompatible with the physician's craft, and by the one example given the Oath intends to exclude surgery in general from the field of the physician. It is possible that originally more operations were named as forbidden , that these references are missing only in the preserved text. 88 It is more probable, how­ ever, that the statement as it stands is intact but in itself carries broader implications.

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