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By Gerald Massey

Together with his prior sequence in Egyptology, Gerald Massey grew to become latest doctrine on its head to argue that not just had Egypt spawned human civilization, yet that Egyptian mythology was once the foundation for Jewish and Christian ideals. The fruits of his years at this actual highbrow pursuit, historical Egypt: the sunshine of the area is Massey's crown jewel. during this, the main philosophical (in either tone and suggestion) of his Egyptological works, Massey, ever the intrepid escort, leads a journey via millions of years of sociological, cultural, and non secular improvement, the entire whereas pointing, with magnificent cause and persuasive prose, to a far off, universal, Egyptian foundation. British writer GERALD MASSEY (1828-1907) released works of poetry, spiritualism, Shakespearean feedback, and theology, yet his best-known works are within the realm of Egyptology, together with A publication of the Beginnings and The common Genesis.

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He asked them what they did that for. They answered benevolently that it was to bring him good luck. ” (Joseph Millerd Orpen, The Nineteenth Century, August, 1896, pp. ) They knew the natural magic of the emblem if the European did not. Also, they were identifying the woman with the abode. In Bent’s book he gives an illustration of an iron-smelting furnace, conventionally showing the female figure and the maternal mould. “All the furnaces found in Rhodesia are of that form, but those which I have seen (and I have come upon five of them in a row) are far more realistic, most minutely and statuesquely so, all in a cross-legged sitting position, and clearly showing that the production or birth of the metal is considered worthy of a special religious expression.

A. from Akhu, a Bird. A. from Akhem, the Eagle. A. from An (Variant Un), the Hare. Aa. from Khaa, the Calf. B. from Ba, the Bird of Soul. K. an erect serpent. K. from Ka, an Ape. K. from Kam, the Crocodile’s Tail. Kh. or Q. from Kha, the Fish. Kh. or Q. the Calf. M. from Mu, the Owl. M. from Mau, the Cat or B. from Ba, a Nycticorax. B. from Ba, the Goat or Ram. F. from Fu, the Puff-adder. H. from Ha, the panting Lion. H. from Hem or hum, the Grasshopper. N. N. N. P. Lion. from Mu, the Vulture. from Neh, the Black Vulture.

Ch. ) Teru is the Branch, and the same word signifies to adore, invoke, and pray. It was as a mode of praying that the branches of the bedwen or birch were strewn in the ancient British graves. It is the same language and the same sign when the Australian aborigines approach the camp of strangers with a green bough in their hands as the sign of amity equivalent to a prayer for peace and good-will. Acted Sign-language is a practical mode of praying and asking for what is wanted by portraying instead of saying.

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