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In the method of cokestrength prediction developed by Schapiro et al. (1961) such a procedure is in fact followed. However, Koch (1970) and others have observed that it has yet to be proved that different vitrinites of the same reflectance from mixed frequency distributions have the same technological behav­ ior. " The higher reflecting pseudo vitrinite (Fig. lb ) appears to be equivalent in part to telocollinite and to vitrinite A of Brown et al. (1964). Vitrinites A and B are, respectively, the higher reflecting vitri­ nite which occurs in thicker vitrain bands, and the lower reflecting vitrinite of layers of mixed macerals; they normally have reflectance distributions which overlap, as do those of reactive vitrinite and pseudovitrinite (Koch, 1970).

The microscope-photometer system described in Sections V,A and VI,A is calibrated against a standard before reflectance measurement is made. Reflectance measurement of coal is usually performed on vitrinite because vitrinite is the most abundant maceral in coal and occurs in relatively large particles, thereby enabling relatively facile measure­ ment. 5% from brown coal to anthracite; thus reflectance of vitrinite is more reliable in characterizing the rank of a coal. Reflectance measurement can also be performed on exinite and inertinite, which are usually low in concentration and small in grain size.

Substituting these values into Eq. (9), one obtains Ting's 3P maximum reflectance, which is equal to maximum reflectance Rmax. The correction factors k lr k2, and k3 are empirically obtained. They must be determined for each individual microscope-photometer sys- 1. 09 tem. It has also been found that the correction factors may vary slightly from time to time due to slight changes in the diaphragm opening, the position of the polarizer, and other mechanical deviations. Thus, they should be recalibrated every time standardization is made.

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