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By Patricia J. Telesco

Takes you past the ''101'' magical books. This e-book is designed as a helpmate, guiding the reader to maneuver at his or her personal speed, utilizing own imaginative and prescient as a consultant and guru. it truly is written in particular for the non secular seeker who's aiming towards enlightenment within the the following and now via in charge, life-affirming, inventive magick.

Beginning with a second of introspection, that can assist you examine the place your course has taken you to date, and if you are really able to take the subsequent steps towards adept residing, the booklet then offers good principles and actions to problem the spirit together with:

* Defining precise wisdom. * studying to exploit the senses to enhance magickal approaches and enhance perception. * picking the magickal arts most suitable in your targets and progress. * discovering, connecting with, and honoring one's ''Tribe'' for either aid and fellowship.

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Practice 19 (page 17) for enchanted living is that you are your own best guru and guide, so personalizing magick isn’t only fun, it’s functional and necessary to progressing along the path toward true enlightenment with our eyes wide open! ” —Saudi Arabian proverb Each person has the ability to hone his/her senses, but some will experience more success with one sense than another. So, if after reading this chapter, you find that hearing (or any other sense) isn’t as emotionally and mentally stimulating as another sense, don’t be discouraged.

Some practitioners cast a circle using the pointer finger to channel energy as opposed to a wand. Sitting on the ground at the end of a ritual helps us return to normal levels of awareness. Turning your hands outward directs the energy of a spell outward, and turning them inward directs that energy to you. These examples show how we can create physically meaningful postures from which we can see and feel the desired effect. 4 - Posturing On a piece of paper, write each of these words on a separate line with about three lines between each: hands, feet, legs, arms, head.

Don’t feel selfish, don’t apologize for being human; simply relax and allow. With time and a little practice, you’ll find you can do this without inner struggle, and in turn be more refreshed for ministry and magick 24-7. 33 An Enchanted Life Evaluate Your Beliefs So you’re now feeling a little better about yourself in the whole scheme of things, especially spiritually. Now what? The next step is a fair appraisal of your belief system. Specifically, ask yourself: * Which ethical guidelines does your faith or personal vows require of you?

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