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By Antoine-Joseph Pernety

This can be a hugely urged paintings on alchemy. Althought it does not precisely provide away any "secrets" it is helping clarify a lot of the worldview of the alchemists of historical (and modern!) times.

"Of the technique of Arriving on the mystery the necessities worthy which will arrive at this mystery, are: the data of Nature and of one's self. One won't comprehend the 1st completely, or perhaps the second one, with out the help of Alchemy. the affection of knowledge, the horror of crime, and of falsehood, ... the organization of the clever, the invocation of the Holy Spirit; to not upload mystery to mystery, to connect one's self simply to 1 factor (because God and Nature have fun with team spirit and simplicity), such are the stipulations valuable for acquiring the divine revelation. guy being the epitome of all Nature, needs to learn how to understand himself because the precis, the miniature of Nature. by means of his religious half he's allied to all immortal creatures, and via his fabric half, to all that that's temporary within the Universe."

- Antoine-Joseph Pernety, who used to be among different issues a Benedictine Monk, and Librarian of Frederick the nice, King of Prussia.

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Scarcely are these vapours sublimated, when they are condensed into rain, and spiritual and invisible though they were, they become a moment after a dense and aqueous body, to fall again on the Earth and to soak it with the celestial nectar by which it has been impregnated during its abode in the air. As soon as the Earth has received it, Nature works to digest and to ripen it. Each animal, the lowest worm, is a little world in which all these things take place. If man seeks the world outside of himself, he will find it everywhere.

It reduces the germs from potentiality to actuality. As soon as it no longer acts, all apparent movement and all vital action ceases. The principle of movement is light, and movement is the cause of heat. This is why the absence of the sun and of light has such a great effect upon bodies. Heat penetrates to the interior of the most opaque and hardest substances, and animates the hidden and torpid nature. Light penetrates only transparent bodies, and its property is to manifest the perceptible accidents of the composites.

He specifies it in each of them according to the different functions which it has pleased Him to give to their organs. Whence the difference of their characters, and their different manners of acting, yet always uniform as to each one in particular, taking always the same road to arrive at the same aim, when no obstacles are found in it. 28 Descartes placed the seat of the soul in the brain, in the small gland Glandula pinealis, situated between the Optic Thalimi and Corpora quadrigemina. B. Copyright © Flaming Sword Productions 1997 The Great Art page 36 This spirit, which is usually called instinct, when animals are spoken of, determined and almost absolutely specified in each animal, is not so in Man, because the spirit of Man is the epitome and quintessence of all the spirits of animals.

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