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By Benjamin O. Bibb, Joseph J. Weed

This e-book will let you know how-for you do be able to heal. right away you could no remember that you've got the it, yet you do.this reward of god is a part of the birthright of each guy and ladies.

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It is not known whether the poison entered his bloodstream through the scratch or by inhalation, but poisoned he was. On Monday huge blisters appeared allover his body and he was rushed to the hospital. He got steadily worse. It appeared that the several doctors attending him could do nothing to help, for on Friday morning they announced that he could not survive another night. The entire epidermis had blistered and peeled off his body and the dermis had started blistering. It was not until then that his mother sought the help of her friend, Julia Whitten, a graduate Seventh Sense healer.

I told her I would try. She had a lump in her left breast and since she had a similar tumor in the same breast removed surgically three years previously, she was worried. That evening I put her on my mental screen and found the tumor. I checked to see if it was malignant and found it was not', since there were no dark or vacant areas in her etheric body. I therefore just proceeded to shrink it mentally until it was completely gone and then bathed the area with healing energy. I also projected different beneficial colors into her aura before finally releasing her from my mental screen.

At times it was so painful he could not get out of bed, and he always had trouble walking. When I learned to heal and had 34 some confidence in my ability, I went to work to try to help him. I polished his knee joints and removed all crusty material. As I fitted them together once again, I flooded each joint with healing oil and then covered it with white pain-killing energy. I did this once each day for a week; then I got word from Nashville, Tennessee, where he lives, that he was walking. In checking I found he was no longer taking any medication and all the pain and stiffness was gone.

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