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By Kenneth Grant

During this research of Aleister Crowley's procedure of sexual magic, Kenneth supply unearths the occult workings of the fireplace Snake or Kundalini-Goddess the cosmic energy that after woke up by way of magical potential assumes the shape that Crowley known as the Scarlet girl. supply additionally describes a style of dream regulate that Crowley and others used to identify touch with extraterrestrial and non-human beings and to organize themselves for the belief of precise cosmic recognition.

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Possesses help those who are confirmed in their servility, who want to be bound, who have no urge to liberation? The answer is, it cannot. O. is for those alone who realize the urgency of acquiring personal freedom to develop their True Wills. The implication is that before a person is conscious of the fact that he has a True Will, he will be unable to see any reason why, or how, he should fulfil it. O. forms a natural springboard for his leap towards freedom. Even so, he cannot take that leap without leaving in his wake the propulsive power that makes it possible, and this is the sole fee exacted of those who embrace this path.

Such methods of birth will supersede the production of human children. By means of this sexual magick of Thelema it will be possible to breed a race of beings in every way superior to that generated by the normal use-or more correctly, abuse-of the sexual energies. In magical terms, the child is the offspring of the Will (Phallus) and the Imagination, or image-making faculty (Kteis). In other words, the child is the Logos of Thelema and Agape. O. e. the womb of Nuit). , the occult Order of indefinite antiquity which has appeared in different guises throughout the centuries.

O. O. O. O. contain a vital magical secret, 2 The Paris Working (Opus Lutetianum) describes a series of magical workings which Crowley undertook with the assistance of Frater Lampada Tradam (the poet, Victor Neuburg). They used a homosexual formula which Crowley later incorporated into the Sovereign Sanctuary as part of the XIº. O. became the first officially Masonic body, and "the first great order of antiquity" to accept the Law of Thelema. Crowley reorganized, and remodelled, the Grades above the Fourth Degree.

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