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Thou hast not yet trained thy mind to comprehend the treasures of earth, which are not material wealth, nor are they material goods; but rather are they holy treasures which, when found, make a man to sell all that he hath for them. (Comment: The true treasures of earth are the treasures of life itself. They are incomparable in nature, being invaluable elements in the constitution of existence. ) 25. But the Three Higher Principles of the Universe are beyond these, being subtle, ineffable and supernal.

This Royal Book of Our Transcendental Science will remain amongst men of this little earth for many generations to come. Many adepts in the future will understand this Holy Book and apply its secret gnosis to the accomplishment of the Great Work; and thereby will they secretly partake of the Ineffable Mystery of the True Stone of the Wise which is hidden in the Sanctum Sanctorum of the Eternal Temple of the Holy Magick of Light. (Comment: This holy book can be compared to the famous Emerald Table of Hermes, which has exercised a profound influence on many Adepts of the Hermetic Art.

The Hidden Stone of the Ages is thus obtained, even here and now. Let the Sun and the Moon unite; let them bear an Hermaphrodite! Let a child be born: it shall be the Stone of the Sages, the Medicine of Metals, and the Elixir of Life. (Comment: It is by the scientific application and execution of the threefold operation of Alchemy that the Stone of the Philosophers is to be obtained, here and now. The Sun is man; the Moon is woman; and the Hermaphrodite is the magical product of their union. This Hermaphrodite is Two-in-One; S/he is the Rebirth of the Sun and Moon.

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