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By L. Robert, T. Fulop, T. Fulop

Getting older encouraged a great number of theories attempting to rationalize the getting older strategy universal to all residing beings. during this booklet an important environmental and intrinsic mechanisms interested by the getting older method and in its pathological results are reviewed. moreover theoretical and experimental proof of crucial theoretical components according to Darwinian evolution, mobile getting older, position of phone membranes, loose radicals and oxidative tactics, receptor-mediated reactions, the extracellular matrix and immune capabilities in addition to crucial environmental and intrinsic mechanisms inquisitive about the getting older method and in its pathological results are mentioned. those displays of theories and comparable experimental proof supply a world review of latest recommendations of the biology of the getting older strategy and are of crucial interpreting not just for experts during this box but in addition for practitioners of clinical, clinical, social and experimental sciences.

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Interdiscipl Top Gerontol. 1159/000358898 25 Saturation density G2 Early passage S M G1 Saturation density G2 Intermediate passage S M G1 Saturation density G2 Late passage S M G1 Fig. 1. Schematic representation of the kinetics of cell proliferation during three different periods of the life span of human fibroblasts in vitro. Each circle and ellipse corresponds to a generation time. In early passages, most cells have short division cycles (circles), although there are already cells with long generation times (ellipses), which are extended mainly at the expense of the G1 and G2 periods.

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