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By M.J. Cresswell

Adverbial amendment is maybe one of many least understood parts of linguistics. The essays during this quantity all tackle the matter of ways to provide an research of adverbial modifiers inside truth-conditional semantics. Chapters I-VI offer analyses of specific modifiers inside a potential­ worlds framework, and have been written among 1974 and 1981. unique e-book information of those chapters might be came upon on p. vi. of those, all yet bankruptcy I make crucial use of the concept the time reference concerned about tensed sentences will be a time period instead of a unmarried rapid. the ultimate bankruptcy (Chapter VII) used to be written specifically for this quantity and investigates the query of ways the 'situation semantics' lately devised by way of Jon Barwise and John Perry, as a rival to possible-worlds semantics, may well care for adverbs. additionally i've got integrated an appendix to bankruptcy III and an advent which hyperlinks all of the chapters together.

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However in this paper I am going to consider predicate modification when applied to objects considered as wholes rather than as parts. The introduction of the desert road and the gramophone turntable can therefore serve to remind us of the need for later refinement. 18 Where an object a is considered as a whole it is not difficult to define the function p, with respect to a world wand a time interval t, as the function such that for each moment mEt, p(m) is the space occupied by a at m in world w.

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20 If Fillmore [19] is right we should perhaps consider even more argument places. Thus opens might be a four-place predicate such that opens (x, y, Z, w) means 'x is an opening of y by using an instrument Z and effected by the agent w'. This explains why we can have the door opened, John opened the door with a key and the key opened the door. 21 This semantics will not allow, as Wheeler [64, p. 314] thinks we should allow, for a sense of Jones did not walk quickly (Wheeler has slowly) which entails that Jones walked.

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