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By Jill P. G. Urban, Robert J. Wilkins (auth.), Seisuke Tanaka M.D., Chiaki Hamanishi M.D. (eds.)

Basic study on osteoarthritis has been conducted mostly from the his­ tological and biochemical elements of the degenerating chondrocytes, collagen fibers, and matrix proteoglycans. Undue mechanical rigidity has been proven to be the relevant think about the initiation of osteoarthritis. even supposing the precise approach in which mechanical rigidity ends up in the complete destruction of cartilage tissue is still uncertain, a number of new examine tools have enabled us to realize a deeper figuring out of the method of degeneration. In October 1997, we prepared a world symposium titled "Ad­ vances in Osteoarthritis" in Kobe, with the most subject matters being up-to-date re­ seek, prognosis, and therapy of osteoarthritis. The lawsuits of the symposium are offered the following in 5 sections: (1) Mechanical rigidity and reactions of chondrocytes, similar to intracellular ion adjustments, alterations within the cytoskeleton, intracellular messenger platforms, unlock of fuel mediators, and alterations in electromechanical houses of cartilage; (2) sensible analysis of osteoarthritis through MR imaging, and utilizing calpain and collagenase III as new cartilage markers; (3) therapy with a promising basic washout process and IL-1RA and MMP antagonists; (4) Cartilage fix by way of new grafting tech­ niques; and (5) difficulties following overall joint alternative. We clearly desire that the complicated wisdom supplied during this quantity of court cases could be priceless to our readers.

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Data are expressed as the mean ::':: SD of 6 wells. 01. Results were similar in three additional experiments TABLE 2. Effect of higher stress conditions of cyclic tensile stretch on proteoglycan synthesis e5S04cpm/well) Condition Cell-associated Medium Total No stress Stress 6487 ± 497 4769 ± 479* 1525 ± 331 2486 ± 305* 9013 ± 458 7253 ± 358* Cells were cultured in the absence or presence of a higher cyclic tensile stretch (see Table 1). Data are expressed mean ± SD of 6 wells. 01. Results were similar in two additional experiments.

Results Proteoglycan Synthesis Isolated bovine chondrocytes were seeded at a density of 2 X 105 cells/ml placed under cyclic tensile stretch. We first measured the prot eo glycan synthesis in the cell layer using a radio labeled precursor with two different regimens of stretch (see Table 1). There was no significant difference in cell number after 24 h of stretch. Under conditions of low frequency and percent of stretch, proteoglycan synthesis was clearly enhanced. However, higher stress reduced proteoglycan synthesis in the cell layer (Fig.

Proteinase inhibitors decrease the loss of aggrecan and HA, and their catabolism also depends on metabolically active chondrocytes [11]. A net loss of large, aggregating PGs (aggrecans) and small PGs occurs in diseased cartilage [13]. In early osteoarthrosis [14] and chondromalacia [15], aggrecan molecules have a reduced molecular size, while in a more advanced stage they appear larger than those in a healthy tissue. This suggests increased degradation of PGs in early disease and a later repair process replacing the matrix PGs by a population of recently synthesized, larger molecules [13,14].

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