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By James R. Jude (auth.), Peter Safar M.D., Dr. hon. causa, James O. Elam M.D. (eds.)

Since the overdue 19505, innovative devel­ in and the aptitude way forward for emergency opments of simple wisdom, concepts, resuscitation. This assembly used to be initiated by means of instructing, and perform of cardiopulmonary james Elam. james jude, proprietor of the Wolf Creek resort (Blairsville, Georgia 30512), acted resuscitation (CPR) have ended in the saving of uncountable lives from stipulations that as host. formerly ended in yes loss of life. The Fifties this system Committee invited essentially clinician-scientists from the us, introduced breakthroughs in respiration resuscita­ tion, the Sixties, breakthroughs in cardiac solicited synopsis papers and predistributed resuscitation, and the Seventies have began to the 37 papers chosen to the contributors. We have been spared formal paper shows and convey breakthroughs in resuscitation of the hence may well dedicate ourselves to 2 complete days arrested mind. Mobilization of large-scale public contain­ of casual, stimulating, provocative discus­ ment in life-saving efforts is vital. however the sions. This resulted in cross-fertilization of rules demanding situations and possibilities of enforcing between people with various area of expertise backgrounds.

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Manikin practice to perfection is recommended. Paramedics have learned Table 4-1. Steps of Emergency Airway Control and Personnel to Be Taught Personnel to be Taught* A. Control of Upper Airway Obstruction 1. Backward tilt of the head (accident victim: gentle tilt, support horizontal stable straight position) 2. IPPYlCPPV (after each step) 3. Manual clearing of mouth and throat (cross-finger maneuver or fingerbehind-teeth maneuver for wiping, finger probe, extraction; back blows, abdominal thrust)t 4.

Proof Percussion (unilateral tympanism, mediastinal shift) Auscultation (unilateral distant breath sounds, rhonchi) Pleural puncture with small-bore needle F. Emergency treatment: Large-bore tube drainage via 2nd intercostal space mid-clavicular line Small skin incision Tube insertion either open via blunt pleural puncture with Kelly clamp, or via trocar One-way valve drainage via rubber valve (for transportation) via water bottle (in hospital bed) 28 Airway Obstruction and Respiratory Arrest Table 4-3.

J Trauma 12/5:408, 1971 3. Bougas TP, Cook CD: Pressure flow characteristics of needles suggested for transtracheal resuscitation. N Engl J Med 262:511, 1960 4. Brown TCK: Bronchoscopy for removal of foreign bodies in children. Anesth Int Care 1 :521, 1973 5. Carroll R, Hedden M, Safar P: Intratracheal cuffs: performance characteristics. Anesthesiology 31/3:275, 1969 6. Carroll RG, Kamen JM, Grenvik A, et al: Recommended performance specifications for cuffed 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. endotracheal and tracheostomy tubes: a joint statement of investigators, inventors, and manufacturers.

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