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This graduate point textbook covers a particularly wide diversity of themes. The e-book first deals a cautious dialogue of the fundamentals of linear algebra. It then proceeds to a dialogue of modules, emphasizing a comparability with vector areas, and offers a radical dialogue of internal product areas, eigenvalues, eigenvectors, and finite dimensional spectral thought, culminating within the finite dimensional spectral theorem for regular operators. the recent version has been revised and includes a bankruptcy at the QR decomposition, singular values and pseudoinverses, and a bankruptcy on convexity, separation and optimistic options to linear systems.

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U+v=v+u 28 3) 4) 1 Vector Spaces (Existence of a zero) There is a vector 0 E V with the property that O+u=u+O=u for all vectors u E V. (Existence of additive inverses) For each vector u E V, there is a vector in V, denoted by -u, with the property that u+ (-u) = (-u) + u = 0 5) (Properties of scalar multiplication) For all scalars r and s, we have r(u+v) =ru+rv (r +s)u = ru+su (rs)u = r(su) lu=u for all vectors u, v E V. D Note that the first four properties in the definition of vector space can be summarized by saying that V is an abelian group under addition.

24 Let R be a principal ideal domain. 1) If r E R is irreducible, then the principal ideal (r} is maximal, that is, (r} =ft R and there is no ideal (a} for which (r} ~ (a}~ R. 2) An element in R is prime if and only if it is irreducible. 3) Any r E R can be written as a product r = 0 PI'''Pn where u is a unit, and Pv ... , Pn are primes. Furthermore, this factorization is unique up to order, and unit element u. r is irreducible, and that Proof. To prove (1), suppose that (r} C (a} C R. Then r E (a}, and so r = xa for some x E R.

2) S is linearly independent in V if and only if r(S) is linearly independent in W. 3) S is a basis for V if and only if r(S) is a basis for W. I An isomorphism can be characterized as a linear transformation r: V--+ W that maps a basis for V to a basis for W. 5 Let T E L(V,W). If c:B is a basis for V and if r(c:B) is a basis for W, then T = {r(b) I bE c:B} is an isomorphism from V onto W. I The following theorem says that, up to isomorphism, there is only one vector space of any given dimension.

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