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By G. Alan Marlatt, Gary R. Vandenbos

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Foremost among these limitations is a cross-sectional study design that has placed heavy reliance on retrospective self-report methods, constraining scientific inference about risk and risk factors in relation to drug dependence. Given unbounded resources, we would have liked to make a prospective investigation of each drug’s users, starting well before drug use had begun, with periodic observations sustained through periods of risk for drug dependence and other drug-related hazards, including the risk of drug-induced death.

European Archives of Psychiatry and Clinical Neuroscience, 241, 247-258. Woodruff, R. , & Causey, B. D. (1976). Computerized method for approximating the variance of a complicated estimate. Journal of the American Statistical Association, 71, 315-321. COMPARATIVE EPIDEMIOLOGY OF DRUGS 39 ALCOHOLISM: A DEVELOPMENTAL DISORDER RALPH E. TARTER AND MICHAEL VANYUKOV Alcoholism, or its more precise taxonomic designation, psychoactive substance use disorder, alcohol abuse or dependence (American Psychiatric Association, 1987), can be displayed at any age between early adolescence and late life.

Criteria for diagnosis. In N. S. ), COMPARATWE EPlDEMlOLOGY OF DRUGS 37 Comprehensive handbook of drug and alcohol d i c t i o n (pp. 263-283). New York: Marcel Dekker. Kosten, T. , Rounsaville, B. , Spitzer, R. , & Williams, J. B. (1987). Substance-use disorders in DSM-III-R. Evidence for the dependence syndrome across different psychoactive substances. British Journal of Psychiaq, 151, 834-843. , & Kessler, L. (1980). The lifetime prevalence of mental disorders: Estimation, uses and limitations.

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