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By George Bernard Shaw

George Bernard Shaw (1856-1950) used to be a worldrenowned Irish writer. Born in Dublin, he moved to London while he became twenty. Having rejected formal education, he informed himself through self sufficient learn within the examining room of the British Museum; he additionally begun his profession there through writing novels for which he couldn't discover a writer. His first luck used to be as a track and literary critic, yet he used to be attracted to drama and authored greater than sixty performs in the course of his occupation. quite often his paintings is leavened by means of a pleasant vein of comedy, yet the majority of it bears earnest messages Shaw was hoping his audiences may include. He continues to be the single individual to were presented either a Nobel Prize (1925) for his contribution to literature and an Oscar (1938) for Pygmalion. between his most famed works are: Candida (1894), fingers and the guy (1894) and guy and Superman (1902-03).

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We must cultivate the noble virtues that have their root in pride. Now no schoolmaster will teach these any more than a prison governor will teach his prisoners how to mutiny and escape. Self-preservation forces him to break the spirit that revolts against him, and to inculcate submission, even to obscene assault, as a duty. A bishop once had the hardihood to say that he would rather see England free than England sober. Nobody has yet dared to say that he would rather see an England of ignoramuses than an England of cowards and slaves.

The Schoolboy and the Homeboy In practice what happens is that parents notice that boys brought up at home become mollycoddles, or prigs, or duffers, unable to take care of themselves. com 48 A TREATISE ON PARENTS AND CHILDREN and to mix with children of their own age. This is natural enough. When you have preached at and punished a boy until he is a moral cripple, you are as much hampered by him as by a physical cripple; and as you do not intend to have him on your hands all your life, and are generally rather impatient for the day when he will earn his own living and leave you to attend to yourself, you sooner or later begin to talk to him about the need for self-reliance, learning to think, and so forth, with the result that your victim, bewildered by your inconsistency, concludes that there is no use trying to please you, and falls into an attitude of sulky resentment.

Thus does the selfishness of the will turn on itself, and obtain by flattery what it cannot seize by open force. Democracy becomes the latest trick of tyranny: "womanliness" becomes the latest wile of prostitution.

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