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A Treatise on Angel Magic

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The Hours Wherein the Principal Spirits May be Bound, Raised or Restrained from Doing of Hurt. Amaymon King of the East, Corson King of the South, Zinamar King of the North, Gaap King of the West, may be bound from the third hour till noon and from the ninth hour till evening. Marquises may be bound from the ninth hour till compline and from compline till the end of the day. Dukes may be bound from the first hour till noon, and clear weather is to be observed. Prelates may be bound in any hour of the day.

1 Tu Domine susceptor meus es gloria mea et exaltans Caput meum: i"T~"i'T1 Vehujah - Thou, 0 Lord, art my guardian, and exaltest my head. ' Ieliel- Do not remove thy help from me, 0 Lord, and look to my defense. 3 Dicam Domino susceptor meus es tu, et refugium meum Deus meus sperabo in sum: C,M,}'C Sirael- I shall say to the Lord, Thou art my guardian, my God is my refuge, and I shall hope in him. M Elemijel- Turn, 0 Lord, and deliver my soul, and save me for Thy mercy's sake. c, Lelahel- Let him who lives in Zion sing unto the Lord, and proclaim his goodwill among the peoples.

This man uttered many of the Devil's secrets, of which this of ye Incubi and Succubi was one, and many others that for their filthiness and abomination are not to be spoken of; but according to his confession, all the Devils do not use this execrable offence, but those only who are near unto us, and do form their bodies of a gross substance, as of water or earth. St. Augustine saith, that the Satyrs and Fauns were thought of some to be Incubi, because they were so luxurious. Hence many took occasion to authorise that for truth which is reported of Merlin that he was begotten of a Devil, but this is better said than affirmed, for whether it be or not, God only knoweth.

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