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By Rudy Van der Elst

Книга характеризует более чем three hundred видов рыб, которых можно наиболее часто увидеть либо поймать в прибрежных районах Южной Африки. Каждый раздел, посвященный определенному виду, включает детальное описание, полноцветную фотографию, заметки по образу жизни, включая многие малоизвестные и интересные аспекты поведения, карты локального распространения и встречаемости в мире, наиболее современные ограничения в отношения ловли. Книга будет полезна всем, кто интересуется рыбами и рыбалкой.
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An abundant duck, said to be common to locally abundant in Botswana, Burundi, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Kenya, Lesotho, Malawi, Mozambique, Somalia, Tanzania, Uganda, Zaire, Zambia and Zimbabwe. Up to 16,000 have been recorded at Kafue Flats in Zambia (in June), and many thousands in the Luangwa Valley, also in Zambia. Other high counts have included: 5,000 in Zululand and 1,000 at Witwatersrand, Transvaal; 4,000–5,000 in the Ruzizi Marshes (eastern Zaire and Burundi) in February; 1,410 at Lake Chivero in Zimbabwe (July 1994), and 2,225 at wetlands in Tanzania (January 1995).

Currently, Kuti Ponds in Malawi is the only key site known, and this has held large numbers in two of the last three years. 36 WHITE-HEADED DUCK Oxyura leucocephala Subspecies: Monotypic. Distribution: Palearctic; a threatened species with a highly fragmented breeding distribution from southwest Europe and northwest Africa to central Asia (from 25°N to 60°N and from 10°W to 100°E); currently known to breed only in Spain, Algeria, Tunisia, Romania (irregularly), Turkey, Syria, Iran, Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Mongolia and Russia, and probably also in northwest China.

In sub-Saharan Africa, in particular, the existing statistical data on most migratory species and populations are quite inadequate to permit any precise statements concerning population trends during recent years. In these cases, the remarks on trends have been based on 25 5. Species Accounts and Maps information in the published literature (often somewhat anecdotal) and comments received from Wetland International’s network of contacts in the region. For most species, this section consists of only one or two paragraphs describing population trends, with appropriate references.

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