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This enticing textbook for complicated undergraduate scholars and starting graduates covers the center matters in linear algebra. the writer motivates the techniques by way of drawing transparent hyperlinks to functions and different very important parts, corresponding to differential topology and quantum mechanics. The ebook locations specific emphasis on integrating principles from research anyplace applicable. for instance, the proposal of determinant is proven to seem from calculating the index of a vector box which ends up in a self-contained facts of the elemental Theorem of Algebra, and the Cayley-Hamilton theorem is tested via spotting the truth that the set of complicated matrices of particular eigenvalues is dense. the cloth is supplemented through a wealthy number of over 350 often proof-oriented workouts, compatible for college kids from a wide selection of backgrounds. chosen suggestions are supplied in the back of the ebook, making it compatible for self-study in addition to to be used as a direction textual content.

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Show that, if V ⊂ W , and u1 , . . , uk ∈ U , then that [u1 ]V , . . , [uk ]V are linearly dependent implies that [u1 ]W , . . , [uk ]W are linearly dependent. 12). 7 Normed spaces It will be desirable to be able to evaluate the ‘length’ or ‘magnitude’ or ‘amplitude’ of any vector in a vector space. In other words, it will be useful to associate to each vector a quantity that resembles the notion of length of a vector in (say) R3 . Such a quantity is generically called norm. In this section, we take the field F to be either R or C.

5), we obtain lim sup u p→∞ p ≤ |ai0 |. 3) again, we have u p ≥ |ai0 |p 1 p = |ai0 |. 7) Thus, lim inf u p→∞ p ≥ |ai0 |. 4) is established. As a consequence, we are motivated to adopt the notation n u ∞ = max{|ai | | i = 1, . . 4) more elegantly as lim p→∞ u p = u ∞, u ∈ U. 10) It is evident that · ∞ does define a norm over U . Thus we have seen that there are many ways to introduce a norm over a vector space. So it will be important to be able to compare norms. For calculus, it is obvious that the most important thing with regard to a norm is the notion of convergence.

N, define Tij ∈ L(U, V ) by setting Tij (uj ) = vi ; Tij (uk ) = 0, 1 ≤ k ≤ n, k = j. 34) It is clear that {Tij | i = 1, . . , m, j = 1, . . , n} is a basis of L(U, V ). In particular, we have dim(L(U, V )) = mn. 35) Thus naturally L(U, V ) ≈ F(m, n). In the special situation when V = F we have L(U, F) = U . Thus dim(L(U, F)) = dim(U ) = dim(U ) = n as obtained earlier. 1 For A = (aij ) ∈ F(m, n), define a mapping MA : Fm → Fn by setting ⎛ ⎞ a11 · · · a1n ⎜ ⎟ MA (x) = xA = (x1 , . . 36) where Fl is taken to be the vector space of F-valued l-component row vectors.

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