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Remove water from heat source. Let water stand for 30 seconds, then place football mouthpiece in water for 90 seconds. Do not exceed heating time. 2. Carefully remove mouth guard from hot water with a slotted spoon. 3. Cool mouth guard under tap water for one second only to bring surface temperature to a comfortable level. Quickly proceed to step 4. 4. Carefully place football mouthpiece around all upper teeth. Bite down firmly into mouth guard while, suck in strongly and use fingers to press edges of mouth guard into teeth and gum line through the lips and cheeks (continue for 20 seconds).

If you're married, let your spouse know- as a warning. 10. Drink more water and take a calcium supplement. This helps with cramps and overall achiness. 11. Dress with more flair! People will notice and give you more compliments, especially if you wear a color, material, or clothing cut that flatters your shape. No matter what you choose: whether it is cute shoes, a sparkly pair of earrings, or a new updo, make that one accessory special! 12. Be sure to smile and compliment people as well. Studies show that even faking a smile reduces stress and puts you in a slightly better mood.

7. Move your tongue so that it rests on the bottom of your mouth. 8. Open your mouth slightly. 9. Open your hands if your fists are clenched 10. Starting from the very tips of your toes, imagine yourself sinking into the mattress. 11. In your mind, begin to "acknowledge" everything around you that all your senses are experiencing. For example: Say to yourself (not out loud), "I hear the clock ticking. I smell the lotion I just applied to my hands. I feel my legs' weight on the bed. I hear my spouse/partner breathing.

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