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By W. F. Kirby

The beautiful colours and shapes of butterflies — and their excellent spectrum of elaborate markings — are rendered with fantastic precision on sixty one full-color plates. Imaginations will take flight with butterflies and moths of each relatives, in addition to information of pupa, eyes, antennae, and the winged bugs' favourite flowers.

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Erebia epiphron Fig. 7. Erebia aethiops Fig. 8. Erebia ligea Fig. 9. Melanargia galathea Fig. 10. Satyrus aegeria A. Barren Brome Bromus sterilis Plate 12 SATYRIDAE—LIBYTHEIDAE—ERYCINIDAE Fig. 1. Satyrus maera Fig. 2, a–c. Satyrus megaera Fig. 3. Epinephile hyperanthus Fig. 4, a, b. Epinephile janira Fig. 5. Epinephile tithonus Fig. 6. Coenonympha iphis Fig. 7, a–c. Coenonympha arcania Fig. 8. Coenonympha pamphilus Fig. 9. Libythea celtis Fig. 10. Nemeobius lucina A, D. Wood Poa Poa glauca B, C.

Red Lamium Lamium purpureum Plate 34 AGROTIDAE—HADENIDAE Fig. 1. Agrotis festiva Fig. 2. -nigrum Fig. 3. Agrotis sigma Fig. 4, a, b. Agrotis plecta Fig. 5. Agrotis putris Fig. 6. Agrotis praecox Fig. 7. Agrotis segetum Fig. 8, a, b. Mamestra persicariae Fig. 9, a, b. Mamestra brassicae Fig. 10. Mamestra nebulosa Fig. 11. Mamestra tincta Fig. 12, a, b. Mamestra leucophaea A. Wild Cabbage Brassica oleracea B. Wild Cherry Cichorium intybus C. Common Rose Persicaria Polygonum persicaria Plate 35 ORTHOSIDAE—HADENIDAE Fig.

10. Prodenia littoralis Fig. 11. Valeria jaspidea Fig. 12, a, b. Ulochlaena hirta A. Grass Plate 54 NOCTUAE Fig. 1. Anthoecia cardui Fig. 2. Hadena exulis, variety Assimilis Fig. 3. Heliodes theophila Fig. 4. Hadena sommeri Fig. 5. Omia cymbalariae Fig. 6. Anarta myrtilli Fig. 7, a, b. Eurhipia adulatrix Fig. 8. Xanthodes malvae Fig. 9, a, b. Xanthodes graëllsii Fig. 10, a, b. Hadena exulis A. Pistacia lentiscus B. Mallow Lavatera C. Grass Plate 55 NOCTUAE Fig. 1. Zethes insularis Fig. 2. Calpe capucina Fig.

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