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By Jeffrey Freed, Joan Shapiro

This leading edge application bargains functional, helpful thoughts for individuals with Ad/Hd, for you to utilize their mind capabilities that do paintings good and study daily talents that could rather be too tricky to grasp. according to the concept that of visible pondering and packed with how one can preserve the physique at its maximum functioning point, this application is helping Ad/Hd victims develop into winning of their daily lives.

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What better source of already dissociative children than the parents who were abusing them in ritualistic cults? All these groups employ the same torture, interrogation, and training techniques used on adults by military and police all over the world. Evidence is that many of the techniques of ritual abuse and mind control are used for child pornography, the training of child soldiers (notably in Africa) and the human trafficking of sex trade workers (Guardian, 2009). The behavior of at least some suicide bombers and terrorists is consistent with that found in programmed survivors who present for therapy.

Your client is, therefore, likely to have others besides the one you know, or several who you might think of as “the host”. Adults with dissociative disorders often have several ANPs from earlier stages of life inside. They usually have the same name but are of different ages. Sometimes, there are several current ANPs, each of whom assumes she or he is the “real” person and is amnesic of the existence of the others. Their current knowledge and experience may overlap, while their other characteristics differ somewhat.

Because of their countertransference with the ANP as the client, many therapists are also resistant to the fact that working to strengthen the main presenting personality might help, but is not primary, and generally will achieve only superficial improvements. Inside is where the work occurs. ANPs, themselves, often have a great deal of difficulty accepting that they are multiple. The words “personalities” or “alters” may frighten them. In the old view of “hosts” and “alternates”, “the client” has this difficulty.

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