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By A. van Kammen (auth.), Prof. Dr. Charles H. Calisher, Prof. Dr. M. C. Horzinek (eds.)

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Bibliogr Institut Leipzig S 23 56. Tesmer S, Werner P, Glaner M, Lange B, Gentner F (1985) Impfstoffproduktion am Friedrich-Loeffter-Institut Insel Riems. Arch Exp Veterinarmed 39: 684-691 57. Thalmann G, Wittmann W (ed) (1990) Friedrich-Loeffter-Institut flir Tierseuchenforschung Insel Riems - 80 Jahre im Dienst der Tiergesundheit. Ostseezeitung, Verlag & Druck GmbH Greifswald 58. Traub E, Mohlmann H (1943) Typbestimmung bei Maul- und Klauenseuche mit Hilfe der Komplementbindungsprobe. Zbl Bakt Abt I Orig 150: 298-299 u.

G. spring viraemia of carp, SVC) Swine vesicular disease (SVD) vaccine production *FMD (BHK21-tissue culture vaccine) *Hog cholera strain C in rabbits *Oil-adjuvanted FMD-vaccine for pigs strain C in tissue cultures *Marek's disease *Transmissible gastroenteritis *Infect. bovine rhinotracheitis *Parainfluenza III *Rabbit haemorrhagic disease diagnostics *several immunofluorescence sera *BLV test kit (AGPT) vaccines in experimentally forms *inactivated SVD vaccine *BEI-inactivated FMD-vaccine *SVC oral vaccine aSome items were studied in close co-operation with the "Institute of Vaccines" Dessau, Central Institute of Cancer Research and Central Institute of Molecular Biology of the Academy of Sciences in Berlin-Buch; Faculty of Pharmacology of the Martin-Luther University in Halle etc.

FPV proved to be an excellent paradigm to study structural and functional relationships of enveloped viruses and served as a feasible agent for tracing virus replication, particularly of orthomyxoviruses. Without any doubt FPV was for a long time one of the best known animal viruses, with respect to its physical, chemical, architectural and biological properties [32]. If 50 R. Rott Fig. 6. Gerhard Schramm (19101969) Fig. 7. Werner Schafer (* 1912) one is tempted to give testimony to a fair spirit of competition in the work of G.

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